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Denver Broncos, Houston Texans’ Jerseys Leaked By Antonio Brown’s Social Media Network

Although they won’t be unveiled until Monday and Tuesday, respectively, former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown’s social media network, CTESPN, leaked the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans’ new jerseys late Thursday evening.

For those questioning Brown’s reporting credentials given his less-than-graceful exit from the league and subsequent off-field controversies, he actually broke a number of big-time free agent signings this offseason

Now he’s stepping into our shoes by sharing digital retail catalog screenshots of the Broncos and Texans new jerseys, which multiple sources have confirmed are legitimate. We must caution, however, that the sleeves will look different on the players’ cut than in retail form.

The Broncos’ jerseys, which sources have indicated will also come in blue and be accompanied by a throwback uniform, feature a mountain-like design on the sleeves and triangles down the sides – a la the circles on Oregon’s uniforms.

These are pulled from topographical maps, which use triangles to represent mountain peaks, 58 of which exceed 14,000 feet of elevation in Colorado. They also appear as perforation holes in the numbers, which are a modified version of their current font.

The Texans’ white road jerseys, meanwhile, match what we’ve already seen from chairman Cal McNair, with a horn-shaped design on the sleeves and a new custom number font. The red alternate jersey follows the same design.

The blue home jerseys, on the other hand, display Houston’s primary logo on the sleeves for a more traditional design, while the Color Rush set features H-Town blue accents, primary logo on the sleeves and a new “H” logo below the back collar.

This new logo will be featured on the sides of the Texans’ new alternate helmets, which leaked on Thursday. Houston also subtly confirmed their legitimacy by sharing a photo of McNair with his dog, who are both wearing accessories with the new logo.