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Minnesota Vikings Alternate, New York Giants Throwback Jerseys Leak

Over the weekend, former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown’s social media network, CTESPN, leaked two more jerseys that will be worn during the 2024 season, including a Minnesota Vikings alternate and a New York Giants throwback design. 

The white Minnesota jersey features purple numbers with a silver stroke and icicles hanging from the digits, which do not include sails, as well as silver and purple sleeve stripes that match the design of their purple hone and white road jerseys.

There’s also a new “Vikings” wordmark on the chest, which could be a hint of a change to come, a la the Philadelphia Eagles updating their wordmark in 2022 but having to wait two years before they could change it on their uniforms

The jerseys will presumably be worn during Minnesota’s annual “Winter Whiteout” in December, and multiple sources have indicated it will be paired with a new white alternate helmet that has been in the works for the last two years.

The white helmet will only be considered the Vikings’ second helmet, as they’ll simply swap the decals and facemasks on their standard purple lids when they wear their “Purple People Eater” throwback uniforms

With that, they’ll join the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers and New Orleans Saints in having three different designs before every team in the league is allowed a third helmet color.

Meanwhile, the Giants’ jersey is an obvious nod to the 1933 team, which was led by Hall of Fame coach Steve Owen and appeared in the first-ever NFL Championship Game, where they fell to the Chicago Bears, 23-21.

It features a red base and white numbers contained within a horizontal blue stripe that goes across the chest and around the back. There is also a blue collar and blue shoulder yoke that ends at the sleeves.

The jerseys were originally paired with a blue leather helmet with red stripes, as well as tan pants and predominantly red socks with the same striping pattern as the jerseys. That’s where things get interesting.

The Giants currently have two helmets at their disposal – their standard blue set and their navy blue throwback helmets, which are currently worn with their 1980-99 throwback uniforms and all-white Color Rush set.

They cannot introduce a third helmet color in 2024, as only teams undergoing a rebrand this offseason are permitted to do so before it goes league-wide in 2025. Teams are also only allowed to have four different jerseys in the rotation.

That likely means the Giants will have to drop their current throwback uniforms in order to make room for the 1933 design. They would also have to scrap the navy blue helmets for at least one season if they add a new shell color this year.

Of course, the workaround would be to add decals that replicate the leather design to the navy blue shells rather than introduced a painted design. That would also keep the Color Rush uniforms from returning to the standard blue helmets.

Multiple sources have indicated the Giants, who will celebrate their 100th season this fall, and Vikings are two of at least five teams not undergoing a redesign this offseason that will introduce a new helmet in the coming months.

The others are the Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars, who are also set to unveil throwback uniforms this season. According to our sources, the Ravens’ helmet will be purple while the Packers and Jaguars’ will be white.