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First Look at the 2024 World Series and MLB Postseason Logos

It might still be the beginning of May, but today, we’re looking forward all the way to October with the release of Major League Baseball’s 2024 Postseason Logos.

First, let’s take a look at the whole package:

2024 MLB Postseason Logos
2024 MLB Postseason Logos

Yes, they do feel awfully similar to last season. However, there are some differences. The main typeface is almost identical to 2023, but the 2024 version is much thicker and has had some bevelling applied. The logos are all centred this year rather than left-aligned, and there’s a new typeface for the year; the one for 2024 uses more of a jersey-style font.

Compare the 2024 Postseason logo with the other MLB Postseason logos of the 2020s:

MLB Postseason Logos: 2020-2024
MLB Postseason Logos: 2020-2024

There sure are a lot of horizontal gold lines and blue going on up there, except for 2021 the outlier… moving on.

Here’s the 2024 World Series logo:

2024 World Series Logo
2024 World Series Logo

The 2024 World Series logo highlights the Commissioner’s Trophy (as it should), rightfully elevating it above the rest of the Postseason rounds. The colour scheme of blue and gold with a series of gold horizontal lines follows a theme we’ve seen in World Series logos in four of the past five years; perhaps there’s an it’s-a-template-but-not-quite-a-template system in place now? All the cool kids are doin’ it these days.

Compare it with the last 25 World Series logos, and you’ll see how we’ve slowly seen a semi-standardized logo start to develop in recent years:

World Series Logos: 2000-2024

Horizontal lines debuted in 2014, the trophy in 2015, and blue and gold in 2017. Mix ’em all together, and you have what we have here in 2023 and 2024.

The 2024 World Series logo is undeniably an upgrade over 2023, and if we are moving toward more of a same-logo-every-year style, the 2024 version isn’t bad… still I’d love to see it on or inside a container (a diamond maybe?), something more along the lines of the 2015 World Series logo but with the blue-and-gold colour scheme from the last few years. Last year, we saw a diamond added behind the World Series logo for the jersey patch worn by both the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks; perhaps we’ll see that again in 2024:

In 2023, the World Series jersey patches added a diamond to the logo

Back to this year’s logos, if we look at the earlier rounds, we see they’ve added something new, which I really love:

2024 ALCS, NLCS, ALDS, and NLCS Logos

The ALCS and NLCS logos have incorporated the league championship trophies! And why not? These are championship series afterall, like… it’s right there in the name (yes, that’s what the “CS” in “LCS” means, kids!).

The 2024 LCS logos have incorporated the AL and NL championship trophies

We’ve also seen a colour correction from previous years. In 2022 and 2023, the Wildcard rounds were gold, the LDS rounds silver, and the LCS rounds gold. I got the idea; the colour got more prestigious as the rounds continued, but why was the Wildcard gold? At least bronze might have made more sense. In 2024, this has been kind of fixed. The Wildcard round isn’t bronze, but it’s not gold either—it’s been changed to silver, matching the LDS.

Now that we’ve seen the 2024 Postseason logos, all that’s left to do now is watch five months of regular season baseball.