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Ope! Madison Mallards unveil another alternate

There are a lot of theories about the origins of the quirky exclamation “Ope!”—none of which stand up to any real scrutiny. More onomatopoeia than actual word, the term has been likened to “oops” or “oh” plus the letter P, and associated with most anywhere human beings have made inadvertent noises throughout history.

In the absence of a definitive origin story, people in the American Midwest— Wisconsinites in particular—have claimed the term as their own through internet memes, social media accounts, and now, a temporary rebrand for a collegiate summer level baseball team.

The latest in a flurry of alternate brands from the Madison Mallards is based on the linguistic mystery. The team will play as the Ope! for a game this season, backing up the name with a visual brand meant to encompass all things Wisconsin, including cows, unbuttoned plaid shirts, cows leaning on a fence having a conversation, bratwursts, cows in backwards hats, and the actual state of Wisconsin.

The Mallards, who play in the Northwoods League, will play as the Ope! July 20.