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New Utah Hockey Club Logo Appears on

There appears to be a new logo for the new Utah NHL team, one that actually looks like a logo and comes from a pretty legitimate source.

The logo, which we hadn’t seen before tonight, was uploaded to — about as official a source as you can get. Now, it’s entirely possible that it’s a quickie logo they created only to have something to display when referencing the Utah team on there… but it’s a Utah NHL logo on the NHL website, so that’s something we can’t ignore.

It’s a light blue circle with “UTAH” arched slightly in black lettering. It uses a typeface similar to the previous Utah logo we had seen on merchandise (and apparently erroneously figured was their logo… whoops). Around the UTAH wordmark is HOCKEY CLUB in white, giving us a good indication of the name the team plans on using this season. The entire logo is trimmed in black and again in that light blue for good measure. A second version of the logo, for use on black backgrounds, swaps out the black outline around the circle for white.

As far as I can tell, it was first spotted by Twitter user @Louis_Boulet_, who posted it to Twitter after they found it on their own custom digital hockey cards. Once alerted, I was skeptical, but I thought it was possible they could be using’s logo files to auto-generate their cards. I’m not sure that’s what they’re doing, but when I looked in the’s logo files, the new Utah NHL logo was indeed there.

As always, these situations change rapidly, and we’ll continue to update you with any information we find as it comes in. The Utah hockey team has made it clear that any logo, uniform, or name they use this season is intended to only be used for one season while they work on their permanent branding.