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Utah NHL Team Announces List of Six Finalist Names

Utah’s new NHL team has entered the final round of its fan-driven naming process, and six names have been announced as the top contenders.

The club revealed that more than 520,000 fans participated in the first round, with these top six names moving on to the decisive vote:

  • Utah Blizzards (or Blizzard?)
  • Utah Hockey Club
  • Utah Mammoth
  • Utah Outlaws
  • Utah Venom
  • Utah Yeti

This latest round of voting launches today and will be open until June 20. Fans can vote for their preferred name using the link here. The team will announce details on the final steps in the naming process later this summer.

Team owner Ryan Smith previously revealed that Mammoth and Yeti were among the fan favourites, which aligns with the results from the first round. Both of these names, along with the plural-friendly Outlaws, seem to have received the most attention in the conversations I’ve been part of.

These top six names accounted for 60% of the total votes in the first round, which originally contained 20 options.

Temporary Utah Hockey Club NHL team logo for their inaugural 2024-25 season

As previously reported, the team will wear jerseys featuring “UTAH” across the front during the 2024-25 season as they finalize their permanent identity. The logo, mascot, and other branding elements are set to debut in the 2025-26 season. The current temporary logo, a light blue circle with “UTAH” in black lettering, serves as a placeholder until the new branding is unveiled.

Utah’s NHL team is collaborating with Brooklyn design agency Doubleday and Cartwright, which has worked with various professional sports teams, to develop its new identity.

UPDATE Jun 6/24 2:35 pm ET: When I look at the survey, it shows the name Blizzards with an ‘s’. However, many others have told me that the survey they see shows Blizzard without an ‘s.’ I’m not sure which is the official version at this time.