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Will The Indiana Pacers Have New Uniforms Next Season?

Photos courtesy of @PacersTeamStore on X/Twitter.

If a retail listing in the official online team store is any indication, the Indiana Pacers may have new uniforms for the 2024-25 season.

The t-shirts bears a strong resemblance to the uniforms worn in the 2021 NBA All-Star Game, which was initially scheduled to take place in Indianapolis but was moved to Atlanta due to the COVID-19 pandemic and conflicts with the NCAA Tournament. 

That includes the italicized Pacers wordmark across the chest with racing stripes from their primary logo through the middle and two horizontal stripes flanking the wordmark, an obvious nod to their 1984-90 designs.

The left-of-center encircled numbers – which are pulled from a classic IndyCar nosecone – also appeared on the All-Star uniforms, as well as Indiana’s 2017-18 and 2019-20 City Edition sets, albeit in a much larger capacity. 

Photo courtesy of @NBA on X/Twitter.

If the t-shirts are truly a sign of redesign to come, it will be interesting to see if the players’ names also appear above the encircled numbers. This would mark the Pacers’ first uniform overhaul since the 2017-18 season

The retail listing notably shows Icon (blue) and Statement Edition (gold) designs, while the Association set would obviously be white. It’s unclear if the “Pacers” wordmark would also appear on that jersey or if they would opt for “Indiana” instead.