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Los Angeles Dodgers Reveal Their Second City Connect Uniform

This afternoon, the Los Angeles Dodgers became the ninth and final team to unveil their Nike MLB City Connect uniform for the 2024 season. No, this isn’t some “Mandela-effect” thing; the Dodgers had a City Connect uniform before, worn from 2021 to 2023. This is their second City Connect design, the first club to try again.

The Dodgers’ new City Connect uniform pays homage to Los Angeles as “a city of dreams and dreamers. A city filled with those shooting for the stars where impossible dreams can turn into reality.” 

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It’s a cream-coloured jersey and pants with colourful specks throughout the base. Across the chest is “LOS ANGELES” in two shades of blue—Cobalt and Electric. In the upper left corner is the player’s number. A new scripted “D” logo is on the sleeve above a double blue stripe with a “Chili Red” tab.

Starting with the new LOS ANGELES logo across the chest, the typeface is inspired by some old signage at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (the Dodgers’ first home in Los Angeles). Inside this wordmark is a white contrail pointing upward in reference to “the city’s pursuit of what’s above and beyond.”

Speaking of “above,” the player number is on the front of the jersey in an unusual place—above the team name, in the upper-left corner. The number typeface is a generic mid-century style, a popular style when the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958. The usual order of jersey numbers gets flipped around again on the back of this one, where the player’s name is now placed below the number.

The sleeve features a new mash-up design, a combination of their classic interlocked “LA” logo with the scripted “D” from the “Dodgers” logo that typically graces the front of their home uniform. The inside back collar shows the scripted “Dodgers” logo in blue, and the “jock tag” features the hashtag “#ITFDB,” a nice little nod to the legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully, who started each telecast with the phrase “It’s Time For Dodger Baseball.”

What’s up with those colourful dots all over the jersey? That’s the “galaxy of stars,” presented in the colours of the seats at Dodger Stadium. This is to “represent the brilliance and diversity” of the city.

Up top, the caps are Cobalt Blue, with a cream mash-up of “LA” and “D” logos on the crown and the scripted Dodgers logo on the right side. The undervisor is electric blue with more of that “Galaxy of Stars” pattern.

On the bottom corner of each jersey, the hashtag #ITFDB, an homage to the legendary Vin Scully, is prominently displayed. Scully’s famous phrase, “It’s Time for Dodger Baseball,” is a beloved part of Dodgers history.

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The Dodgers’ new City Connect uniform will make its on-field debut on Saturday, June 22, when they play host to the Los Angeles Angels.

This release concludes the 2024 Nike MLB City Connect series, which—in addition to this new Dodgers set—saw new uniforms from the Phillies, Mets, Guardians, Rays, Cardinals, Tigers, Blue Jays, and Twins. We will not know any details on the teams participating in the 2025 City Connect program until next year. However, with the Washington Nationals stating they are retiring their uniform following the season, we anticipate they’ll be releasing a new City Connect design next year.