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Bismarck Larks honor ranchers with Heartland Holy Cow identity

The collegiate summer level Bismarck Larks will pay tribute to the ranching community of North Dakota (and roughly 19 surrounding US states) when they play a game as the Heartland Holy Cows this summer. The identity features a startled cow with a halo over its head, playing off both the cows one finds on ranches as well as the popular exclamation “Holy cow!”

A religious undertone of the brand is highlighted in a reveal video that begins, “In the heartland summers, our farmers and ranchers work from sunup to sundown doing God’s work to make sure our families are fed. The only time they rest is on Sunday morning to thank the good lord for their land and life with one another.”

“Our team aimed to honor the remarkable ranching industry in our state and throughout the Heartland of the United States,” said Larks CEO and Owner John Bollinger. “Farmers, ranchers, and landowners are incredibly hardworking individuals who rarely take a day off, except for attending church on Sundays. They play a crucial role in feeding the nation with their dedication to growing and caring for our food supply. This tribute is for them.”

The Holy Cows script includes baseball with tilted halos as O’s, set in a color palette of green, brown, and gold, which, per the team, represent grass, prairie dirt, and golden fields.

Jerseys will be auctioned off during the August 8 game to benefit the Great Plains Food Bank, the only food bank in the state of North Dakota.