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2024 MLB All-Star Game Uniforms Revealed

Major League Baseball has officially unveiled the uniforms their best players will wear when they take the field at Globe Life Field in Arlington later this month.

The uniforms, as you’d expect, incorporate some of that Texas style, with an Old West style typeface across the chest and again in the jock tag, while also going in a head-scratching direction when it comes to the colours.

On the American League side, the All-Stars will wear a cream jersey with “lush coral” sleeves. “AMERICAN” is arched across the chest above “LEAGUE,” both in coral. The cap logo of the player’s usual team is on the left sleeve in beige and coral, the 2024 All-Star Game logo on the right in the same colour scheme, and a single blue stripe at the cuff of each sleeve.

Caps will have a coral crown with a cream front panel, the team logo on the front in coral and blue with two horizontal stripes behind leading to a silver shooting star. The visor and button are both coral.

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In the National League, it’s the same format as we see on the AL side but with dark navy blue replacing the cream and a lighter blue in place of the coral throughout. “NATIONAL LEAGUE” on the chest, team logo on the left sleeve, and a single coral stripe on the cuff. Caps are light blue crowns with dark navy blue front panels.

Both clubs will have a jock tag featuring “ASG” with the year, a star, a baseball, and two stripes within it. The host city of “ARLINGTON, TEXAS” is placed below:

Here’s a look at what the All-Stars from all 30 MLB teams will be wearing for the big game:

Note the Chicago Cubs opted to wear the Cubs primary logo on both their cap and on their jersey sleeve. I’m not entirely sure why they chose to do this; if I had to guess, maybe they wanted to ensure the word “CUBS” got on that All-Star uniform somehow. (As a result, they’ll be the only team to have their full team name in the All-Star Game, interesting idea)

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Major League Baseball’s All-Stars began wearing matching uniforms in 2021, following nine decades of the players wearing their own usual team uniforms. For the 2021 and 2022 games, players wore their individual club logos on the front of a jersey designed to match across the entire league. Starting last season and continuing this year, the jerseys have instead read the league’s name across the front.

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Here’s a look back at the last few Major League Baseball All-Star Game uniforms, going back to their switch to the league-wide designs in 2021.

2023 MLB All-Star Game Uniforms

The 2023 MLB All-Star Game uniform took its inspiration from the logos and colours of the host Seattle Mariners while also paying tribute to the “natural beauty” of the Pacific Northwest by incorporating a “print that blends elements of its neighbouring ocean, forests, topography and the movement of air.”

2022 MLB All-Star Game Uniforms

The 2022 All-Star Game uniform was a tribute to the glitz and glamour that is Hollywood for the host Los Angeles Dodgers. Each player wore their usual team uniform logo across their chest but recoloured in dark grey and gold, with the NL wearing white and the AL in dark grey. Caps featured a mesh backing (remember that fad?) with the team logo on the crown and a star added to each.

2021 MLB All-Star Game Uniforms

In 2021, the All-Star Game was moved from Atlanta to Denver only a few months before the game was played. The result was a set of uniforms coloured to match the red, blue, and beige logos of the abandoned Atlanta game with a purple and black mountain-themed patch sewn onto the sleeve. Each player wore their team’s cap logo on the upper left of the chest with the team’s three-letter abbreviation behind it in red. An American flag was added to the left sleeve, while the Toronto Blue Jays players added their own Canadian flag patch to the chest.