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  A Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day to Everyone! What was once a holiday dedicated to the harmless fun of binge-drinking without remorse is now an annual trotting-out of baseball, basketball and hockey teams in green uniforms (as well as the whole binge-drinking bit); excluding the Oakland A’s, nine teams

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A not-so-Heritage Classic (the uniforms, that is)

Outdoors hockey! Tomorrow the 2nd octennial Heritage Classic will take place in the frigid outdoor refrigerator most commonly referred to as Calgary, Alberta. They’re calling for a temperature of -22°C tomorrow (-8°F), so that threat of rain they had for the earlier-this-year Winter Classic in Pittsburgh probably won’t be a

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Wile E. Maple Leaf? Are the Toronto Maple Leafs behind the Roadrunners move

After just one season the Toronto Roadrunners are history. A team that was in negotiations to play in Toronto for five years, is gone after less than one year, on its way to Edmonton. But this isn’t your ordinary franchise transfer. The Toronto Roadrunners were drawing decently at Ricoh Coliseum,

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