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San Antonio Spurs are prepared if basketball turns into battle

  In what is intended as an honor to our troops, the San Antonio Spurs will be wearing a camofluage jersey and shorts for their game against the Washington Wizards on Nov 13th this year. The uniforms were released today on and at The jersey follows last year’s

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Throwback NFL Helmets are on the injury reports as… Doubtful

The NFL has circulated a memo telling teams that it is their “strong recommendation” that they do not have their players wear a separate helmet “purely for cosmetic reasons.” This means that teams whose throwback uniforms are paired with a differently coloured helmet will most likely not wear their throwbacks

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Notre Dame adds “Fighting Irish” Wordmark Inside of Collar

As we have seen with the unveiling of various alternate uniforms and tweaking of their away jerseys, even a tradition-laden blueblood such as Notre Dame is not immune to the craziness that is the current scene of college football uniforms. Although they’ve saved most of the craziness for their Shamrock

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Variety of International Soccer Kit Unveils Offer Colorful Interludes

While North America’s May offers a relative void of new uniform unveils—we’ve already seen what NFL and MLB plan to offer and NBA, MLS and NHL are too busy playing games to give us anything new—we can turn to international soccer for some colorful interest. As teams finish up their

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UNC Set to Unveil New Football Uniforms, Early Pics

The University of North Carolina Tar Heels are set to unveil their new football uniforms during halftime of their “Spring game” later today, however an image circulating on Twitter gives us a look at the new jerseys a little early. What stands out instantly is the major addition of black

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