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Happy Friday morning everyone, hope you all had a great week – certainly was a busy week at SportsLogos.Net with the news about the Whiteout and Royals trademarks being filed by various Canadian based hockey teams; we also launched a new search engine on the main site, give it a

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Seahawks looking at changes in 2012

Seattle Seahawks team president Peter McLoughlin commented last week on the Dave Softy Mahler Show that the team has been in talks with Nike about re-designing their uniforms when their contract with Reebok expires after the 2011 NFL season. Just the uniforms though, the logo seems safe: “Certainly the logo

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New Buffalo Bills Uniforms Leaked

It seems to happen every spring, a new NFL uniform has been leaked via a Madden EA Sports screenshot or trailer. This year is no different, as a since-removed video posted to YouTube by EA Sports previewing their upcoming Madden NFL 12 video game showed both the new home and new

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Bills finally get the hint, announce change a-comin’

Another one of Buffalo’s pro sports teams finally came to their senses and actually listened to their fanbase! The Buffalo Bills announced yesterday that they would be changing their uniforms for the 2011 NFL season. Assuming there is a 2011 season this would end nine straight seasons of strikingly ugly

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