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Five Minor League All Star Games Take Place Tonight

It’s that time of year in the Minors—we’ve reached the halfway mark of the season in many leagues, and there’s no surer sign of the midway point of a baseball season than all star games. To that end, five leagues in the Minors are holding their summer classics this evening,

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Birmingham Barons unveil MLK-inspired jerseys

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” is a centerpiece of the African-American Civil Rights Movement. King wrote the letter on scraps of newspaper and delivered it piecemeal to Civil Rights leaders through his lawyers while imprisoned in 1963. More than half a century after its writing, King’s letter,

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From Mining to MJ: The Story Behind Birmingham Barons

Beneath the surface of the tidy identity of one of minor league baseball’s most storied teams lies a decidedly untidy, twisting, turning history—or rather two separate histories that converged under the banner of today’s Birmingham Barons, Double-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. To start with, the team’s identity is untidy

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