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Fix It Friday: Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are widely considered to have one of the best uniforms of the NFL, an untouchable gridiron classic that no one dare alter, on par with the New York Yankees’ pinstripes. The uniform is absolutely a classic… but only because it’s been changed so little over the years,

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Fix-It Friday: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The 1997 – 2012 Buccaneers uniform could be considered a modern classic, a near untouchable piece of design that could not possibly be improved upon. It may have had things that one would not care for aesthetically, but there were no major craftsmanship issues about it. The exact reasons the

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Fix-It Friday: The Buffalo Bills

Welcome to the first in a series articles where we will be giving each team a proper critique, a grade, then try to repair the uniforms. Each article will feature a uniform concept with changes made (if any are needed at all) but this is not about what we would do to teams carte-blanche

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