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Bait and Switch: Gwinnett Rebrands as Stripers

After deciding to rebrand, the triple-A Atlanta Braves affiliate in Gwinnett, Georgia, offered fans six choices in their name-the-team contest last May: Big Mouths, Buttons, Gobblers, Hush Puppies, Lambchops, and Sweet Teas. After a six-month process, the name that was chosen from that list was … none of those. The fan

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Gwinnett Braves announce finalists in name-the-team contest

The Triple-A Gwinnett Braves, who will rebrand for the 2018 season, announced the six finalists in their name-the-team this morning. The names listed below and the rationale behind them come from the G-Braves website, where the vote is taking place as you read. I have broken them down into four

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