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Hamilton Bulldogs Adopt New Colour Scheme

Hamilton’s sports teams will all match nicely next season. Yesterday the Ontario Hockey League’s Hamilton Bulldogs announced they would be adopting a black and gold colour scheme for the 2016-17 season, copying the colours used by other teams in the city – the CFL’s Tiger-Cats and the long forgotten Tigers of

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Hamilton Bulldogs Taking Votes For New Fan-Designed Uniforms

The OHL’s Hamilton Bulldogs (the former Belleville Bulls or possibly even the former Hamilton Bulldogs AHL team, depending on what crazy timeline you personally believe in) have opened up a vote to allow fans to choose their new uniforms and colours for the 2016-17 season. Uniforms were created via a fan

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The Great 2015 Minor League Hockey Market Shuffle

Well. That was something. A flurry of hockey franchise swaps were announced yesterday involving four cities across two leagues, and when the dust was all settled Winnipeg ended up with another team and the tiny town of Belleville, Ontario was losing their junior team of over 30 years in a complete blindside. Yesterday’s

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