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Nominees Revealed for 2017 Creamer Awards, Best Logos of Year

As the year starts to wind down it’s time for us to take a look back and remember the best that happened in the world of sports logos over these past twelve months. Today we’re announcing the finalists for the 2017 Creamer Awards, our 6th annual recognition of the year’s

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NASCAR Changes Car and Ad Designs for 2013

The 2013 season will bring some significant design changes to the NASCAR Sprint Series as both the graphics and the cars will have more options in the coming year. Bashed in the recent past for their COT (Car of Tomorrow) design taking all the personality and manufacturer distinctiveness out of the

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Fading the Black – Colour Uniforms Back in Vogue

  Black’s cool. I get it – really. My wife likes it when I put on my all-black suit. Darth Vader wouldn’t look the same in teal. When you see a “black and white”, your foot slips off the gas. It’s even slimming. The Intimidator. The Black Hole. Back In

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