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2024 MLB City Connect Teams + Nike’s New Uniform Details Revealed

Major League Baseball today announced the nine teams that would be getting a new Nike MLB City Connect uniform this season; they also revealed additional details on Nike’s new on-field and retail jersey options. Starting with the 2024 City Connect uniforms — this year, we will see the debut of

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Mets Add NewYork-Presbyterian Ad to Uniforms

The New York Mets will begin wearing an advertisement for NewYork-Presbyterian, a non-profit academic medical centre, on their jersey sleeves for their home opener on Friday. The patch will then continue to be worn for the remainder of the season. The advertisement shows the NewYork-Presbyterian logo in red on an

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Mets, Yankees, MLB to Mark 9/11 20th Anniversary with On-Uniform Tributes

Major League Baseball will mark the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks on New York, Washington, and Flight 93 with a series of pre-game ceremonies and on-uniform tributes. For the first time since that day in 2001, the two New York clubs will meet up on 9/11 as

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Retro Repurposing: Looking Back at Mets Minor League Logos

When the New York Mets announced that they would rename their newly acquired Triple-A franchise in Syracuse the Mets last season, I was hoping that it would feature a modified version of its iconic skyline logo. A look that was quite popular with many of its affiliates during the 1980s,

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Mets, Phillies Wearing Little League Style Uniforms Sunday

This Sunday night at the Little League Classic, the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets will be tapping into the memories of staying out past bedtime to play with friends, the all-dirt infields, sitting on a bench so big your feet can’t reach the ground, and of course those bright,

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MLB Unveils 2017 Spring Training Uniform Designs

Just looking at those palm trees in the graphic above has me feeling nice and warm again. It must be time for baseball! Major League Baseball this morning unveiled their new 2017 Spring Training collection, this is the league’s second season (a look back at the 2016 launch here) treating the spring as one

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