Bettman: Helmet Ads “More Likely Than Not” to Stay in NHL

Welp, so much for just one season… In an article posted by Mark J. Burns of the Sports Buisness Journal on Thursday, National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman revealed that the league will “more likely than not” be bringing back in-game helmet ads for the 2021-22 season. “It doesn’t necessarily

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NHL’s New Seattle Kraken Announce Name & Logos

The seas of the National Hockey League got slightly more terrifying this afternoon… we’ve seen stick-wielding seals, killer orca whales, creepy fishermen, but now there’s a kraken lurking in those deep, dark waters. Yes, today the NHL’s newest team made it official, they will be known as the Seattle Kraken

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Seattle Kraken Reportedly Chosen as Name of New NHL Team

Could it be? Is the NHL really getting ready to release the Kraken? According to a story on Russian Machine Never Breaks, John Hoven of, joined Sirius/XM’s NHL station to report that the league’s upcoming Seattle expansion team had chosen Seattle Kraken as their name. “From everything that I’ve

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