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Ottawa RedBlacks Unveil New Road, Alternate Uniforms

The Ottawa RedBlacks unveiled two new uniforms, including a white road set and a red alternate that pays homage to the teams that once called their city home.

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Colourful Name Registered for new Ottawa CFL Team

Could’ve been because there was a lot of negative feedback, could’ve been because they really hadn’t made up their mind, or it could all just be a way to throw us off the scent.  Whatever it is, there’s been a new set of registrations at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

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Possible Winnipeg Jets Leak?

UPDATE (4:30pm 7/22/11): The Winnipeg Jets have announced they will be unveiling their new logo officially at 5pm ET on their official website According to several posters on the site this here picture is a shot of a new Winnipeg Jets logo, either a primary or alternate. I’m not

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