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Smile! PawSox to become WooSox in Worcester

It’s not been much of a secret what the new name for the Boston Red Sox’s Triple-A affiliate will be after it makes the move from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, to Worcester, Massachusetts, in 2021. Fans and media alike started calling the team WooSox almost immediately after they announced the impending

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PawSox introduce Fightin’ Quahogs

Just days before their final game in their next-last-season in Pawtucket, the Pawtucket Red Sox will play a game as the Fightin’ Quahogs. While a quahog is a regional term for a large, edible clam found in the Atlantic Ocean, the term is perhaps better known for being the fictional

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PawSox to play as Hot Wieners

The Pawtucket Red Sox—or PawSox to friends—will become the Pawtucket Hot Wieners for a game later this summer. It’s the latest entry in the trend sweeping through every level of minor league baseball, the temporary, food-based, alternate identity. Wieners—which Rhode Islanders differentiate from hot dogs because you can identify the

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