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With Big Names Falling, Let’s Talk Bright Underwear at Wimbledon

In 1877 women weren’t keen on showing off colored underwear (we don’t think colored underwear was even a thing then), instead opting for full-length dresses. Now skivvies are all the rage at the All England Club in London. And that’s perfectly fine, under the 136-year-old rulebook. But solid-colored soles on

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Nike Reveals ‘Uniforms’ for Top Players in Melbourne

The best part about tennis uniforms is the lack of uniformity. Of course Wimbledon always offers up a steady dose of white, but other than the classic monotony of London, each of the other three Grand Slam events has its own dose of interest. Traditionally the looks in Australia and

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Roger Federer Wants You to Pick His Shoes

Roger Federer needs a little help picking out his shoes for the Australian Open in Melbourne this month. Federer took to his Facebook Fan Page and the Nike Tennis page asking for fans to vote on their favorite version of the brand-new Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour he’ll use during

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