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USC Trojans Add Big Ten Logo Patch To Jerseys For Recruiting Visits

With USC set to begin Big Ten play next season, the Trojans have been outfitting recruits in jerseys featuring the B1G logo during their official visits.

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Our Top 10 College Football National Championship Game Uniform Matchups

Ever since 1999 when the powers that be in college football decided to come up with a controversial computer-based system to determine the best possible matchup for the National Championship, the college football season has always ended with one game that is designated as the “official” National Championship Game. It’s

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College Football Uniform Roundup: 10/18/14 Weekend

So if you missed last week’s post, here’s the deal: College football teams are busing out brand new looks nearly every week at an alarming rate, to the point where it’d be crazy to cover each of them individually. So instead of doing that, we’re going to cover them in

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