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Utah Hockey Club Unveils Logos, Uniforms, Colours, and Name for 2024-25

It’s officially official: Utah has an NHL team… and a name, logo, colours, and uniform (even if those last four are just temporary). Today, the National Hockey League made it official by announcing the Utah Hockey Club would join the league in time for the 2024-25 season, absorbing the roster,

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Utah NHL Team Announces List of Six Finalist Names

Utah’s new NHL team has entered the final round of its fan-driven naming process, and six names have been announced as the top contenders. The club revealed that more than 520,000 fans participated in the first round, with these top six names moving on to the decisive vote: Utah Blizzards

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New Utah Hockey Club Logo Appears on NHL.com

There appears to be a new logo for the new Utah NHL team, one that actually looks like a logo and comes from a pretty legitimate source. The logo, which we hadn’t seen before tonight, was uploaded to NHL.com — about as official a source as you can get. Now,

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